Dr. Eddie Connor is from Detroit, Michigan by way of Kingston, Jamaica. He is an Author, International Speaker, College Professor, Minister, and Radio/TV Correspondent. Dr. Eddie was raised in a divorced household, by his mother who instilled in him, life long values.
At the age of 15, Dr. Eddie faced his greatest challenge being diagnosed with stage four cancer. Dr. Eddie endured chemotherapy, radiation, and hair loss. The pain of his biological father not visiting him in the hospital, almost made him give up. Through faith in God, perseverance, and persistence, he triumphed and beat cancer. Against all odds, Dr. Eddie overcame tremendous obstacles, even when people didn’t believe in his will to live. Dr. Eddie’s life is a testimony of the strength, to live through dying places. He transparently shares his story, as a bestselling author of six books and encourages others to discover their purpose.  
Dr. Eddie is a recipient of numerous awards, such as The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award and The President's Volunteer Service Award from The White House. He has been featured and hosted segments on BET, CBS, FOX News, NBC, PBS, The Steve Harvey TV Show, The Tom Joyner Show, and The Word NetworkDr. Eddie was also featured in the acclaimed BET Documentary, It Takes A Village to Raise Detroit.
                        CBS/CW50 - Interview                                                                                                                    
                         WDIV/NBC - Interview    
          BET: It Takes A Village To Raise Detroit                     
                               FOX: Let It Rip
                           FOX: My Brother's Keeper






My Brother's Keeper explores the fundamental principles to rebuild, reconcile, and restore the lives of boys and men. This book is for our boys, men, and the women who love them. If you are a parent, pastor, teacher, mentor, community leader, or someone who cares about people...you need this book in your hands.


My Brother's Keeper includes:                                                                                
- Six building blocks for boys to become men. 
- Redefining manhood and masculinity. 
- Steps to implement President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative. 
- Raising and teaching boys, in an age of temptation and mass incarceration. 
- Dr. Eddie Connor’s personal journey, of overcoming life-threatening obstacles. 
- The connection between hip-hop and education. 
- Creating avenues for Black/Hispanic male success, in schools and communities. 
- How to use literacy to motivate reluctant learners. 
- Strategies to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. 
- Pursuing your purpose and contributing to your community.

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The Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. Experience

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From Cancer to Conqueror to more than Conqueror, Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. has a dynamic message that empowers individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with a message that you can overcome any obstacle.

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As an Author, International Speaker, College Professor, Mentor, Political Advisor, Teacher, and Radio/TV Correspondent on CBS/CW 50, Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. shares his story of overcoming cancer in his 6 books: Purposefully Prepared to Persevere, Collections of Reflections: Symphonies of Strength - Volumes 1-3, E.CON the ICON: from Pop Culture to President Barack Obama, Unwrap The Gift In YOU, Heal Your Heart, and My Brother's Keeper.

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Boys 2 Books Mentoring Program

The Importance of Literacy

Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. desires to educate and empower the next generation. He has launched a literacy initiative Boys 2 Books, which is designed to combat the school-to-prison pipeline, by empowering young males via literacy, leadership, and life skills. The program has been endorsed by the United States Congress. This work introduced a Congressional Resolution, that was the impetus for President Barack Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative.






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Order your autographed copy TODAY! When you purchase a book, a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to Boys 2 Books, a non-profit literacy and mentorship program.  

Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.'s book, Unwrap The Gift In You is AVAILABLE NOW, in stores and online! Purchase your personal autographed copy, when you click below!


Steps to unlock your potential.
Tips to activate your gifts within.
How to maintain health, hope, and happiness. 
• Dr. Connor's personal story of overcoming stage 4 cancer. 

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