Who Can Find a Faithful Man?


Who Can Find a Faithful Man? is the 15th book from Dr. Eddie Connor, founder of the Eagles Academy (TheEaglesAcademy.com). He is a Best-Selling Author, College Professor, and International Speaker.


There are many words to describe a man such as strong, powerful, or successful but very rarely do you hear the word faithful.


From churches to conferences and panels to podcasts, women have always been empowered on the topic of relationships. We talk incessantly about Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? but not much insight is given to Proverbs 20:6 Who can find a faithful man?


In the pages of Who Can Find a Faithful Man? Dr. Eddie empowers you to locate you by finding faithfulness to live, lead, and love with loyalty.


Learn how to:

  •  Overcome obstacles and find faithfulness in the face of fear, failure, frustration, and father wounds
  • Create healthy boundaries, remain committed to your commitment, and develop enriching interpersonal relationships
  • Fine tune your emotional intelligence and leadership abilities
  • Live, lead, and love faithfully through accountability and vulnerability


The greatest superhero you can be is not Superman but a faithful man. This book is your compass to develop your character, cultivate your creativity, and commit to your commitment.


Who Can Find a Faithful Man? empowers you to become the faithful father, friend, husband, brother, son, and leader that you were created to be!