IDENTITY is the 16th book from Dr. Eddie Connor, visionary of the Access Identity Conference. He is a Best-Selling Author, College Professor, and International Speaker.


Your existence is not a coincidence. You have been divinely designed with a purpose in mind. So many people are searching for their purpose, void of direction, and vision. You are the answer to a question and the solution to a problem.


In IDENTITY Dr. Eddie empowers you with keys to pursue your purpose and identify your identity. When you receive a revelation of who are, you can’t remain the way you are.


Learn how to:

  • Frame your focus for greater success, take strategic steps to rediscover who you were born to be, and walk boldly into your destiny
  • Heal the scars that are impediments to your purpose by discovering your truth to triumph from trauma
  • Overcome crisis by developing your identity in Christ and win the war internally to live in victory daily
  • Prioritize your purpose and remain poised to resist the distractions that rob you of your identity


Somebody is waiting for you to become who you are, so they can become who they’re supposed to be. How much longer will you make them wait? IDENTITY equips you with tools to locate you and build the future that awaits you.


Answer the clarion call to be a change agent interpersonally and in your community. Discover your uniqueness and unlock your greatness by identifying your true identity!