Dear Queen


Dear Queen is more than a book, it’s a literary love letter that celebrates the value of women around the world. Dr. Eddie provides jewels of wisdom, for loving yourself and knowing your worth. This is an invaluable self-help book, that empowers women in every aspect of life. Discover the keys to build your business and brand for success, transform obstacles into opportunities, become the Queen that attracts a King, and learn how to unlock the door to your royal identity.




“At a time when misogyny rules the charts, and patriarchy rules the throne, Dr. Eddie Connor offers a beautiful paean to the extraordinary resilience and beauty of women. This unabashed embrace of the moral, spiritual and physical appeal of our women is a wonderful rebuke to the harsh and ill-informed assessments of women that pass for art or politics. Everyone who reads this book will be blessed by its insights and warmed by its loving endorsement of the women in our lives.”

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson – Georgetown University Professor, Bestselling Author, and MSNBC Political Analyst


“Dear Queen is an inspiring, honest love letter to our girls and young women, struggling to find the queen in the mirror. A necessary read that will empower you or your daughters, to walk in their power and light with confidence.”

Jessica Care Moore – International Poet and Executive Producer of “Black WOMEN Rock!”


“Dear Queen is a phenomenal book and Dr. Eddie is an amazing writer. I believe every woman should read it. Throughout this book, Dr. Eddie eloquently expresses what it means to be a Queen. He does this by giving subtle yet practical wisdom on how to awaken the Queen of virtue, power, grace and elegance that may lay doormat on the inside of you. Each chapter is packed with Queenly motivation, confirmation, and affirmations. I would recommend Dear Queen to every woman who needs a resuscitation of royalty. The encouragement, motivation, and wisdom that he has poured into the pages of Dear Queen, is truly priceless. This book is a MUST read!!”

Tracey Rivers – Founder of The Upper Echelon Project: A Service to the Elegant Lady


“Every page of Dr. Eddie Connor’s, Dear Queen, breathes life into a woman’s soul. Divinely inspired and timely, this book is a necessary balm and must read for all women. Experience it and prepare to be changed from the inside out!”

Kim Brooks – National Bestselling Author of, “He’s Fine…But is He Saved?”


“Dear Queen challenges women to reach for the stars, celebrate their uniqueness, and use their God-given talents to make a difference in the world. The words of wisdom that Dr. Eddie shares, will shift your perspective and change your life.”

Margaret Thorpe Williamson – CEO of Pro-Literacy Detroit